NCBA: Zinpro introduces Profusion Drench for Beef Cattle

Zinpro Corporation has focused on trace minerals for production and companion animals for more than 50 years.
calendar icon 15 June 2022
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The company introduced Profusion Drench for beef cattle during the 2022 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Houston last February. Janice Wolfinger, account manager, shared some of the product benefits with Sarah Mikesell with The Cattle Site.

“Zinpro is a trace mineral company and they developed Profusion Drench to bridge gaps between when calves might not be on their trace minerals,” said Wolfinger. “For example, when they don’t come to the bunk, maybe they’re not feeling well, but we know they need that trace mineral to feel better, be well and for immunity. We developed this drench, so that when we pull calves, we can use this as an ancillary treatment.

“A drench is a liquid that you give with a hook gun down the throat, so minerals still go through the same process as if they’d eaten it. It’s highly absorbable like all Zinpro products and is readily available.”

Wolfinger said Zinpro currently recommends using Profusion Drench to bridge a gap, specifically on sick calves that have been pulled.

“If you have a treatment calf that you’re going to give the product you usually give, give that plus Profusion,” she added. “We’re reducing case fatalities on pulls by 20 percent. It’s significant and saving a lot of calves. And I’m super excited about that in my part of the country. Because you know, dead calves make zero dollars for producers.”

She added that the drench helps bridge the gap for calves from pastures to their arrival to feedyards as it helps them get over the stress of being hauled and become accustomed to the new environment.

“It’s inexpensive at about $1.90 a dose with trace minerals in a 2-day supply,” said Wolfinger. “Hopefully, you can pull that calf because it didn’t come to the bunk, treat it with Profusion for a couple days, then it’s back at the bunk eating important trace minerals that are available in their starter ration.

“It’s very similar to when humans are sick. Eating food is really important for our bodies. So, I we can get them back to eating, that’s going to be the best way to get them well.”

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