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Culinary Training Introduces Indonesian Chefs to New Ideas for Serving US Pork, Beef

01 May 2019

SINGAPORE - Introducing US beef and pork cuts and menu ideas to Indonesian chefs, USMEF conducted a US meat culinary programme in Singapore.

Funded by the National Pork Board and the Beef Checkoff Programme, the two-day training gave participants an overview of the US red meat industry and tasting samples that demonstrated the quality and versatility of American cuts. USMEF is a subcontractor to the Beef Checkoff and a contractor to the National Pork Board.

Surya Cemerlang Niaga Abadi PT (SCENIA), an Indonesian importer with offices in Bali and Jakarta, arranged the roster of decision-makers who took part in the training.

"SCENIA sought out potential customers – professionals who work as chefs in established resorts and restaurants," said Sabrina Yin, USMEF director in the ASEAN region.

"To help develop a strong relationship with these chefs, we included hands-on sessions in which participants were able to marinate and cook different cuts, as well as taste US pork and beef prepared in new ways."

USMEF ASEAN Director Sabrina Yin demonstrates proper cutting techniques to Indonesian chefs at the US meat culinary programme in Singapore [Photo: USMEF]

The first day of the event featured an overview of USMEF and the US red meat industry, including US pork production and its advantages over competitors’ products. US pork loin, jowl and Boston butt were highlighted in cutting and cooking demonstrations by USMEF HRI Culinary Specialist Lawrence Char. Dishes prepared during the demonstrations were then served as lunch.

The pork portion of the training also highlighted US processed pork products such as pre-cooked bacon, sausages and sandwich meat.

The chefs were given a set of condiments to use to marinate US pork jowl and loin.

Char also covered current trends in meat consumption and talked about portion control.

USMEF staff took the Indonesian team to Singapore’s first cashless supermarket – Habitat by Honest Bee – to view US pork and beef on display.

The focus for the second day of the training was on US beef. Along with explaining US beef production, Ms Yin shared information on menu development using various US beef cuts.

Char conducted cutting and cooking demonstrations with US beef top blade, chuck short rib, heel muscle and brisket. Each cut was prepared with two different cooking methods and served as lunch.

Char also explained why grain-fed beef has advantages over grass-fed beef. He detailed proper storage and handling of chilled and frozen meat, discussed dry aging and suggested various new options for menu planning.

After lunch, the participants cooked the pork cuts they had marinated the day before and sampled the resulting dishes.

"This new hands-on activity was specifically added to enhance the chefs’ experience cooking the meats they marinated," said Ms Yin, who concluded the training with ways to reduce expenses without compromising quality.

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