Miratorg Expanded All Business Operations in 2012

RUSSIA - In 2012, ABH Miratorg remained the undisputed leader among Russian pork and feed producers, according to a company report. The total amount of realised holding investments was more than 90 billion rubles, while the number of jobs created by ABH Miratorg exceeded 13,000.
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Crop growing

In 2012, the total amount of the grain crops harvested by ABH Miratorg was 297,000 tons, which is 30 per cent higher than in 2011 (228,000 tons). In addition, 421,000 tons of non-grain crops (hay, silage, haylage) were harvested in 2012, which is 3.5 times the amount of harvested in 2011 (123,000 tons).

In 2012, the Holding’s cultivated area increased by 101,000 hectares, and made 316,000 hectares, 47 per cent more than in 2011.

Feed production

In 2012, ABH Miratorg's total volume of feed production reached 768,850 tons, which is 80.7 per cent more than in 2011 (425,500 tons). In 2013, in the Bryansk region, the commissioning of a fourth feed mill has been planned with an elevator and a production capacity of 360,000 tons of feed per year. The total annual production capacity from all four feedmills is 1.46 million tons per year. The total amount of one-time storage makes 575 tons.

The planned volume of feed production for 2013 is 1.12 million tons, which will fully supply the 2.7 million pigs on the holding’s pig complexes, as well as nine million poultry on its farms. Today, the company is Russia's biggest feed producer.

Pork production

The Holding’s volume of pork production in 2012 was 280,200 tons live weight, which is 65 per cent more than in 2011 (170,200 tons). Production growth is the result of the increased efficiency of pig complexes, bigger pig production capacities, as well as the launch of industrial sites in the Kursk region.

There were 121,000 breeding sows in 2012 - 34 per cent more than in 2011 (90,000).

The business plan for 2013 forecasts production of 363,200 tonnes live weight, 83 million tons more than in 2012, and 193,000 tons more than in 2011. Production growth will be achieved by reaching full production capacity at the pig complexes commissioned in 2012, and also increased capacity. In 2013, the stocking and commissioning of four closed cycle pig complexes are planned in the Kursk region.

Meat processing

In 2012, ABH Miratorg’s meat processing enterprise, JSC Pig Complex Korocha in the Belgorod region in 2012 had an output of 182,000 tons, which is 42 per cent more than in 2011 (128,000 tons). Production growth is the result of the increased supply of animals from ABH Miratorg-owned complexes and the completion of the modernisation of the main slaughter line at JSC Pig Complex Korocha.


In 2012, ABH Miratorg continued its strategy of increased domestic self-sufficiency. The share of sales of own production through holding retailers amounted to 214,000 tons. Total sales amount of holding retailers in 2012 was 366,000 tons.

Beef project execution

Today, within the framework of the ABH Miratorg beef production project in the Bryansk region, 24 farms for cattle breeding have been completed, 20 of them stocked with Aberdeen Angus cattle from Australia and the US, and the total amount of cattle is over 70,000 head, of which, 4,200 are calves born at Bryansk Miratorg farms in spring-autumn 2012). Miratorg plans to complete construction and stocking of 27 farms during 2013, and to achieve 120,000 breeding stock by the end of the year.

Three Miratorg cattle breeding farms were commissioned in Ozersk district near Kaliningrad, bringing the total breeding herd to 12,000 animals.

Poultry project execution

Currently, ABH Miratorg is building seven broiler chicken farms, and modern meat processing complex, hatchery, feed mill and elevator in the Vygonichi district of Bryansk region.

In the Trubchevsk district of Bryansk, 10 of the 12 planned poultry sites are now being constructed.

Two breeders sites are planned for 2013.

Production of semi-finished products

In 2012, the restoration of the industrial complex, Miratorg West Ltd, located in Kaliningrad region was successfully completed. Today, it is the country's largest export-orientated enterprise for the production of finished and semi-finished products and it is unique in Russia in terms of organisation of production processes, standards, sanitary and hygienic safety and applied technologies. Production capacity is 60,000 tons per year.

Development of the corporate chain

In 2012, ABH Miratorg started the development of its corporate chain. In 2012, 25 supermarkets were opened in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as in Vladimir, Tula and Rostov regions and Chuvashia.

The development of the company's own retail network gives the holding complete control over the trademark products sales, and the ability to offer them to customers at reasonable prices and in accordance with ABH Miratorg's high quality standards.

Miratorg plans to open about 300 new stores in 2013.

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