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Unique Opportunity for Future Vets

12 November 2012

AUSTRALIA - Under the supervision of Esperance vet Dr Enoch Bergman eight veterinary students at Murdoch University are taking part in a large scale practical course.

For the first time, the students have been able to test their pregnancy testing skills but instead of only having access to a few dozen cattle on campus, the students now have thousands, according to ABC Rural.

Dr Bergman first tests the cattle with ultrasound, then, when he knows if the cows are pregnant or not, the students get a go - by hand.

He says its the perfect opportunity to ensure the future of agricultural vets stays bright.

"I reckon for the universities that are further from rural areas I think they are going to have to work with external veterinarians to get the kids this kind of external experience."

"Its just hard to get this many cows this close to the students are brought to the cows."

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