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Drought Takes Toll On Lebanese Livestock

16 August 2007

LEBANON - Drought and excessive are affecting livestock raised in Middle Tennessee.

Farmers and ranchers are selling livestock earlier than normal this year.

Farmers can't grow hay to feed their cattle and some are running out of water.

At an auction in Wilson County, farmers began selling their cattle at noon and plan to continue Wednesday.

Normally 600 head of cattle are sold during auctions, but this year as many as 1,000 cattle a day will be sold as people cut the size of their herds.

"It's not really a lack of feed, but a lack of hay and grass and the cost to buy them," said Chad Wilson, a farmer in Portland.

Farmers at the cattle auction Wednesday in Lebanon said they're selling early because they're running out of grass to feed their animals.

In some cases, ranches are running out of water. Ponds on their property are drying up and hay and feed are getting too expensive to buy.

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