Meat Color and Shelf Life

MeatsPad podcasts series w/ Dr. Melvin Hunt
calendar icon 15 March 2023
clock icon 1 minute read

On this episode, Francisco sits down with Dr. Melvin Hunt to talk about his legacy and the future of meat color research.

Dr. Hunt provides valuable insights and information on meat color stability and the impact of postmortem age on meat color.

He also addresses some common misconceptions and points out how to effectively use a vaccum chamber to optimize the shelf-life and color-life of fresh meat.

0:00 Intro

0:32 Presentation

2:09 Meat Color Triangle

3:30 Meat Color 101

11:04 Surface Color & Microbial Growth

12:56 Mitochondria & ALDH Realtion with Meat Color

14:56 Biochemistry Within the Carcass

17:03 Mentors

19:15 Meat Temperture

21:04 Meat Legacy

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