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Californian Wildfire Threatens Cattle

05 September 2013

US - Grazing cattle in the Stanislaus National Forest are at risk from wildfires that have been burning since 17 August.

The fire has escalated into Californian’s fourth largest wildfire, spanning 368 square miles, and it is expected to burn for several weeks to come according to NBC News.

California is responsible for 7.4 per cent of the US National revenue for livestock and livestock products, and this fire will threaten that, with 12 of the 36 grazing grounds in the national forest suffering from the fires.

The cattle are being dispersed across thousands of acres, throughout the forest by the fires, making the job of the ranch hands very difficult, as they attempt to evacuate the cattle to safety.

There are fears, according to NBC News, that the states’ cattle industry is set for dramatic losses and likely hikes in feed costs as grazing land is destroyed.

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