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Lebey Guide Launch Showcases West Country Beef, Lamb

29 November 2017


UK - West Country Beef and Lamb was showcased at the launch of the Lebey Restaurant Guide Tuesday night (27 November 2017), which details 200 of the best restaurants in London and Paris.

Produced under the PGI scheme and raised in the six counties of South West England, the beef and lamb was served to an audience of top chefs, restaurateurs and food journalists, who attended the event at the prestigious Bibendum restaurant.

To raise the profile of the PGI meat further, it was presented to influential restaurateurs and critics. AHDB food service and butchery specialists, Hugh Judd and Martin Eccles, held a butchery demonstration, followed by a tasting, to allow the audience to sample the quality beef and lamb.

The event was opened by AHDB’s Senior Manager of Quality Schemes, Karl Pendlebury, who said: "The top restaurateurs and food journalists in London and Paris attended the Lebey launch. It was a great opportunity to allow guests to sample West Country Beef and Lamb, helping it to feature on more menus in the future.

"The Lebey Guide is an excellent resource for diners who want to discover great quality food – this is the only guide that really joins the two gastronomic cities and celebrates Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef and lamb, as well."

Awards were presented to top performing chefs and restaurateurs, including Bibendum’s Claude Bosi & London’s Temper restaurant, which are also included in the guide.

A parallel launch will take place at Hôtel d’Evreux Place Vendôme in Paris, on 11 December with the support of the AHDB France team.

To download the guide visit, to discover more about QSM Beef & Lamb visit and for more information on the West Country Beef & Lamb PGI, click here.

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