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Bluetongue Outbreaks Expand into More European Countries

23 November 2015

EUROPE - Further outbreaks of Bluetongue have been reported around Europe in the past week.

Five new outbreaks were reported in France, located in the Puy-de-Dôme region.

Six cases of serotype eight Bluetongue virus infection were found on the five farms during analytic surveillance. The cases left 808 animals susceptible to disease infection.

Another eight outbreaks were found earlier last week in other regions, including Creuse, Cantal and Allier. The nine cases detected were all in cattle and were of serotype eight, leaving over 1600 susceptible cattle.

In Slovenia, two cases occurred in a herd of over 40 cattle in Kuzma, in the northern region of Murska Sobota. No clinical signs were observed in animals. The cases were discovered during a monitoring programme, when two cattle reacted positively to a qRT-PCR test.

Three outbreaks were detected in Austria, close to the border with Hungary, which has also been affected by Bluetongue recently. Two of the outbreaks, were also located close to the Slovenian region where an outbreak was found this week.

The outbreaks occurred in Steiermark and Burgenland, and four cattle tested antigen-positive, although there were no clinical signs.

Two backyard holdings were affected Botosani region and Vaslui region, Romania. The three confirmed cases in cattle left 23 cattle and 104 goats susceptible.

The outbreaks in Austria and Romania were of serotype four, like the outbreaks in Hungary, but the serotype of the Slovenian outbreak has yet to be identified.

The outbreaks in Austria were located near the Hungarian and Slovenian borders


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