Improving the Performance of Ruminants by Natural Feed Additives

In response to future challenges and current strong demand in the ruminant sector, Delacon reacts with two new products.
calendar icon 6 March 2015
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After Actifor® Pro, also Actifor® Boost and Actifor® Power are available on the Asian markets and complete the product family. Increased health and performance, reduced feed costs, residue-free meat products and lower emissions, Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives are designed to bring benefits to animals, farmers, consumers and the environment alike.

Low feed efficiency due to multiple energy and protein losses is one of the biggest challenges in ruminant production. In dairy cows less than a third of the protein and energy intake is converted to milk, in beef cattle the conversion to meat is even less than a tenth.

In order to increase feed efficiency and animal health Delacon developed the product line Actifor® for ruminants, which is now expanded to include two new products: Actifor® Boost and Actifor® Power. Delacon’s CEO Markus Dedl explains: "Delacon currently records strong growth in cattle. In addition to Europe, the US and Japan are the primary markets. Accordingly, at VIV Asia we clearly highlight our extended product family in this sector." The extended product line is already available in South Korea, Thailand, China and Japan, in other countries, they are in different stages of approval.

Better Feed Conversion Reduces Feed Costs and Ammonia Emissions

The Actifor® product line contains only natural substances like essential oils, saponins and pungent substances that are carefully selected and optimally aligned to the nutritional needs of ruminants. Various studies show that Actifor® improves feed efficiency by about ten percent.

Thus, the farmers benefit from a reduction of the relative feed costs by five to ten percent.

Moreover, the barn climate evidently improves since the ammonia emissions of the animals can be reduced by up to 20 percent and methane by up to 48 percent.

In addition to performance enhancement, environmental emissions are reduced and legal limits are met – without any further costs. Besides efficiency and sustainability, food safety is an essential issue. Delacon’s products do not leave any residues in neither meat, eggs nor milk.

Phytogenic Solutions for Dairy Cows and Beef Cattle

Whether for dairy cows or beef cattle, the product line Actifor® can be individually tailored to the needs of farmers.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Actifor® Pro helps to improve body score and fertility, reduces urea content in milk and increases milk quality by improving protein content.

Actifor® Boost is dosed differently than Actifor® Pro. It reduces ammonia and methane emissions, increases fiber degradation and improves protein digestibility and absorption.

Actifor® Power is especially suitable for fattening cattle. It increases the saliva production, improves fiber degradation, increases the starch digestibility and improves the fat absorption, which in turn leads to an increased energy efficiency of the animals.

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