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Interim Report Explores Farming Without Supports

26 July 2013

WALES – The Welsh Assembly has released an interim report focusing on the uplands and reviewing the resilience of Welsh agriculture.

Their report explores possible steps in creating a farm support package from the Rural Development Plan.

National Farm Spokesmen in Wales have said that although the release offers a ‘glimmer of hope’ post-2015, they are concerned about the interim between supports ending last year and recommencing in 2015.

National Farmers Union Cymru President, Ed Bailey said he was concerned about the three year period that some farmers face without upland supports.

"There will be a period of at least three years between the ending of Tir Mynydd in 2012 and the beginning of the next RDP before this support finds its way to the uplands. I would once again request that the Minister considers making use of the resource still available within the current Wales RDP to help upland farmers through this interim period."

However, NFU Cymru praised the report this week for addressing fallen stock disposal.

Above all, Mr Bailey said that consistence and clarity must be the watchwords for future policy.

This, he said, will mean everyone received the same level of service and advice when collectors fail to dispose of dead animals.

Mr Bailey concluded: “All in all we support the direction of travel within this interim review and in the response from the Minister. It is clear that a lot more work needs to be done before the final report. The ideas put forward in this review by Kevin Roberts need to be fleshed out to establish what they will mean in practice for upland livestock farmers."

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