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Department Announces Deadline for Second FMD Disease Vaccination Cycle

13 November 2012

COLOMBIA - The Colombian Agricultural Institute (CAI) are working to put a second cycle of national foot and mouth disease and bovine brucellosis vaccinations in place in the run up to Christmas.

Commencing on October 29 the vaccination programme will run until December 12.

Larger enterprises are being highlighted as a priority. The CAI is stipulating that Sites with more than 500 cattle, should be vaccinated in the first three weeks of the cycle.

"We can not lower our guard, we must remain committed to the vaccination of our cattle and buffalo population," said Teresita Beltran Ospina, CEO of ICA.

"Maintaining animal health impacts on herd profitability and also trading options with other countries."

Mrs Ospina advocates acheiving a good health status and wants to publicise the link between a good status and export potential.

The official also warned farmers to vaccinate animals if they were soon to be moved from a FMD free zone to an area reguiring immunisation and thatvaccination should be applied only in cattle and buffalos and no other livestock.

The Institute recommends that growers apply mouth-rabies vaccine, or the application of rabies along with FMD risk areas of the departments of Antioquia, Arauca, Atlántico, Bolívar, Boyacá, Caquetá, Casanare, Cauca, Cesar, Chocó, Córdoba, Guaviare, Magdalena, Meta, Norte de Santander, Putumayo, Santander, Sucre and Valle.

According to industry wishes bovine brucellosis vaccinations should also be conducted throughout the country, except for the province of Garcia Rovira (Santander), the Northern provinces and Gutierrez (Boyacá), and in the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

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