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ABA To Conduct Beef Producers' Summit

01 June 2010

AUSTRALIA - The Australian Beef Association is organising a Beef Producers' Summit at Casino RSM Club, New South Wales on Friday 25 June.

ABA Chairman Brad Bellinger said, “After 13 years of an undemocratic meat industry structure, that has been shamelessly supported by both sides of politics, Australian cattle producers have had enough of trying to run enterprises with cattle prices unchanged in the last 20 years”.

They have seen the introduction of NLIS ,LPA and a 40 per cent increase in the beef tax that were promised to deliver greater market access and consequently better returns to producers. None have delivered and all have added to beef producer costs.

Mr Bellinger said: “Attendance will not be confined to beef producers. Concerned consumers are also invited to attend, as they will also be given an update on the importation of beef from BSE affected countries and given an explanation, as to why Australian cattle producers receive some of the lowest prices in the developed world for their cattle and consumers pay at the supermarket checkout some of the highest prices for their beef.”.

Keynote speaker for the event will be Bill Bullard CEO of R-CALF USA .This is the first time Bill has addressed an Australian audience. As the head of R-CALF he has been one of the greatest defenders of the best interest of cattle producers in his country.

Mr Bellinger said, “We see R-CALF as a sister organisation to the ABA because their policies are almost identical to ours”.

Suzanne Solvyn, CEO of the CJD Support Group will be the lead speaker on the BSE section of the meeting and will deliver more information on the implications of BSE and CJD.

Prominent beef journalists David Byard and the ABA’s Athol Economou will top off a speaker list that will leave attendees better informed as to the realities of the beef industry.

“Be pro-active and become informed on how to join the fight to save the Australian Beef Industry by coming to Casino on Friday 25th June”, Mr Bellinger recommended.

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