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Beef: Safe or Scary?

14 October 2009

US - The American beef industry has defended beef safety and its role in a healthy diet on the television channel, CNN.

Larry King, a well known US talk show host questionned beef safety and evaluated the nutritional benefits of animal protein-based diets versus plant protein-based diets. The show was prompted by the recent New York Times article on ground beef safety.

The American Meat Industry (AMI) President and CEO, Patrick Boyle was a guest on the show along with other industry experts. Mr Boyle stated that the meat industry has invested tens of millions of dollars over the last ten years in research programs to make our products safer.

Mr Boyle said that these kind of tragic illnesses were rapidly decreasing in America. “These illnesses are down 60 per cent in the last 10 years.”

Bill Marley, former US Department of Agriculture Undersecretary for Food Safety agreed with Mr King in saying that the majority of the public ate hamburgers without any incident.

Mr Boyle concluded by saying that the beef supply today was much safer than it was five or ten years ago in terms of E.coil incidents. He said that more intervention from the USDA was required.

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