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US Jersey Production Sets Records in All Catergories

09 January 2009

OHIO, US - The American Jersey Cattle Association announced today that all-time records for production by Registered Jersey™ cows were set for 2008.

The official Jersey lactation average increased to 18,457 lbs. milk, 847 lbs. fat, and 660 lbs. protein. On a Cheddar cheese equivalent basis, average yield is 2,223 pounds. All are new category records, as are the 78,224 lactation records processed by the AJCA for 2008.

The lactation average is calculated on a standardized 305-day, twice daily, mature equivalent (m.e.) basis.

Actual 305-day yield per cow for 2008 averaged 16,540 lbs. milk, 766 lbs. fat (4.6%), and 593 lbs. protein (3.6%). Cheese yield was 2,003 lbs., more than twice the Jersey cow’s average body weight.

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