Don't Forget That Every Good Rose Has Good Thorns

US - Occasionally a lesson in life needs to be learned. That lesson may not always be wanted or desired, but the need to learn the lesson is real.
calendar icon 18 September 2007
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Vaccinations are almost a given in the cattle industry. Producers will see a benefit in keeping up with industry needs and standards

A common life example is grabbing a hot iron. Your hand will be burned and you will know not to grab anything that is hot. Likewise, if you desire a drink of water outside when it is below freezing, the water will be frozen. One quickly learns that if a drink of cool water is needed, the appropriate temperature must be met.

Lessons carry with them a process of sorting the good from the bad and the bad from the good. That is where the livestock industry is at when reviewing the past, present and future of age and source verification or verification of other attributes. The other attributes could be country of origin labeling or various production practices utilized during the production lifetime and processing of an animal destined to go into the food line.

In the end, the food item generated will have a tag that contains only information that can be verified by an appropriate and authentic process. What is the lesson? In simple terms, producers need to learn not to be so thick-skinned that they are blinded to the potential of the future.

Source: The Prairie Star

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