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TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Ethics

As the biggest industry in the world, agriculture keeps over one billion people working around the globe.

The welfare of animals and humans is no longer just about doing what you think is right, but it's also being driven by increased consumer awareness and demand.

Standards and policies are changing and improving to ensure animals receive proper care in the appropriate environmental conditions.

Providing for the Health, Welfare and Behavioral Needs of Your Animals
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Ethics

Driving profit and production without jeopardizing welfare requires optimal use of natural resources, medicines, technologies and research.

Ensuring Food Safety and Traceability
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Ethics

Knowing where animals are born, how they are raised, what they are fed and how they are slaughtered have extensive implications in production, packaging and marketing of beef.

Farm Worker Rights and Welfare
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Ethics

Consideration and appropriate treatment of workers throughout the value chain is also important.

Operating your Business with Integrity
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Ethics

Businesses are increasingly required to demonstrate honesty and transparency of practice


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