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Has Europe's Beef Herd Grown?
The European Commission (EC) expects beef meat exports to remain at the current low level until 2016....
Can Meat be Transported at Higher Temperatures than in Regulations?
Meat can be transported at temperatures higher than the current maximum of 7°C without causing additional...
Solving Processing Issues Key to Successful Local Meat Marketing
In recent decades, consumers have become increasingly interested in local food, including local meat...
Phage Cocktail Wipes Out 99 per cent of E. coli in Meat
Treating food products with select bacteriophages - viruses that target and kill bacteria - could significantly...
New Grinder Hole Plates Enhance Productivity
Researchers at the Danish Technological Institute have developed a new generation of hole plates for...
Could Chinese Beef Imports Double over Next Five Years?
Over the last decade, income per capita in China has risen rapidly, creating a burgeoning middle class,...


VIV/Ildex India 2014

23rd April - 25th April
Bangalore, India

Meat-Tech 2015

19th May - 23rd May
Fieramilano, Milan, Italy

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