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Beef Consumption Drops to Lowest Level in Argentina

04 February 2020

ARGENTINA - Argentines, who have long been among the world’s most voracious meat eaters, can no longer afford to binge on their own beef.

Blame rampant local inflation, the insatiable hunger for beef in other parts of the world that’s adding to price gains at home and - to a lesser extent - a reluctant movement toward healthier and cheaper proteins.

It’s a kick in the teeth for a country that traditionally has vied with neighboring Uruguay for the title of world’s biggest carnivore on a per capita basis.

Less affordable beef has created what the head of Argentina’s meat industry group calls "almost a disaster for my generation."

And the nation’s new president, Alberto Fernández - who already has his work cut out with a debt restructuring and an economy in need of revival - knows the political stakes.

He’s looking to put more caps on prices in supermarkets to make beef affordable again.

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Source: Buenos Aires Times

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