Safe Cattle Handling Course

This course is designed to get people thinking from the cows’ viewpoint when it comes to handling.
calendar icon 6 June 2017
clock icon 1 minute read

Cattle have to be handled for a variety of reasons on the farm it might be day to day routines for milking, loading and transport or a full blown TB test. Ultimately these handling events need to be efficient and safe.


The key elements are examined in turn:

  • Cattle behaviour – what cows do and why
  • People behaviour- how they influence the behaviour of the cattle they handle
  • Facilities appraisal – taking an animal centered approach to the hardware on the farm


At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify the key behaviour traits of cattle
  • Explain what might drive key behaviour traits (instinct, senses, learning)
  • Identify the key anti-predator responses in cattle and how they apply to a low stress handling approach
  • List the features of good facility design (including crushes)Evaluate typical farm handling scenarios
  • Identify further sources of help and information

Tutor: Miriam Parker

Swindon: 9th September 2017

Sheffield 28th September 2017

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