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Have You Been Feeling the Heat?

07 July 2015

UK - With temperatures soaring to over 30°C in some parts of the country this week, think to yourself, how are the cattle coping?

It’s also not just the temperature, but the humidity, advises Sue Bryan, ruminant specialist for NWF Agriculture. 

‘Summer stress’ can have a huge impact of the health and productivity of cows. Look out for cows panting and drooling, lower dry matter intakes (DMI) and low butterfat levels.

What Can You Advise?

  • Buffers can be added, our NWF Stable Rumen Pak contains a blend of buffering agents plus yeast is a good option. This is to replenish the salts which will be lost in saliva. The next best thing would be sodium bicarb. Salt licks can help and will encourage drinking. However cows should be drinking a lot anyway.
  • Ensure there is a plentiful supply of Water
  • Ventilation and Air Flow in the cow sheds, and Shade for cows out grazing

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