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Antibiotic Stewardship Requires Data and Diagnostics

22 April 2015


ANALYSIS - Achieving prudent use of antibiotics will be easier when two important things fall into place.

Record keeping and diagnostics play a major role in improving antibiotic stewardship in the future, according to Zoetis veterinarian, Dr. Doug Hilbig. 

This will help producers and veterinarians use the right drug at the right time. 

He told TheCattleSite that pharmaceutical companies and farmers alike want to use antibiotics optimally. 

Cattle producers want to keep antibiotic use low due to the costs of drugs, while the pharmaceutical industry hopes to preserve antibiotics so it has something to offer in the future to combat costly disease.  

"We're not trying to overuse antibiotics; we're trying to use them just when we need to," said Dr. Hilbig. 

"At this point there is a little gap between our diagnostics and what we should be using for an antibiotic. We are always trying to help improve that."


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