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FMD Blood Tests Begin for Upland Farmers

03 September 2013

BOLIVIA – Animal health authorities have begun serological testing for Foot and Mouth Disease in the Patacamaya community.

A government drive to reduce the disease in the upland areas of the country commenced with sampling of 47 head of cattle, around 100 kilometres from the capital city on Friday 30 August.

Robert Gonzales, head of animal health care at the Ministry of Agriculture said that farmers are working together to ensure testing goes ahead without problems.

“Very good controls for sick animals are being offered upon recommendations of Jose Chipana, a farmer in the region and technicians are now sampling cattle.”

In total, two ‘brigades’ of technicians were sent out to gather blood samples, to be returned to government laboratories for analysis.

Cost is not an issue for Mr Gonzales. He says that the cost of 70 to 80 bolivians is little compared to the benefits of FMD free status from the World Organisation for Animal Health.

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