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Yearbook Highlights Record High in Beef Sector

17 July 2013

UK - Last year witnessed a record high for GB deadweight R4L steers with the overall average price up 11 per cent on 2011, according to the EBLEX/AHDB Yearbook 2013.

It also highlighted that, at an overall average of 350.3p p/kg, the deadweight R4L steer price was up 26 per cent on 2010 levels, reflecting another year of improved fortunes for the beef sector.

While the sheep sector faced a number of challenges in the form of a drop in prices and the effects of severe weather conditions, the UK remained a net exporter of sheep meat for the second year running with France retaining the top export market for fresh and frozen sheep meat.

An array of statistics have been pulled together in the publication, providing farmers, auction markets, processors, retailers and other interested stakeholders, with an accurate picture of beef and sheep meat production in the UK. As well as production levels and exports, it includes data on livestock numbers, slaughterings, consumption, livestock and meat prices, abattoirs, auction markets and carcase classification.

James Pownall, EBLEX/AHDB head of data and analysis, said: “The Yearbook acts as a major reference source for beef and sheep farmers, providing as much key information as possible to help them make important business decisions.”

The book is available free of charge on request, subject to availability.

To request a copy, email [email protected] or call 024 7647 8850. It is also available on the EBLEX website in two pdf files, one for sheep and one for cattle. You can find them in the MI Publications section.

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