Miratorg Shows Growth

RUSSIA - Miratorg, Russian integrated meat and feed producer is continuing to show growth according to the figures for the first quarter of 2013.
calendar icon 10 April 2013
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In the first quarter of 2013 Miratorg's total feed production reached to 254,800 tons, 56 per cent more than in 2012, when the company produced 163,370 tons.

In 2013, the company's fourth feed mill has been planned in the Bryansk region with production capacity of 360,000 tons.

The estimated production capacity for all four feed mills in both Belgorod and Bryansk regions will be 1.46 million tons per year.

The total volume of grain storage is 575,000 tons.

The company plans a total feed production volume in 2013 of 1.12 million tons, which will provide feed to 2.7 million pigs and 9 million birds at Miratorg poultry centres.

Pork production

Over the first three months of 2013, Miratorg's pork production reached to 86,513 tons live weight, which is 49 per cent more than in 2012, when it was 57,909 tons.

This production growth of 28,604 tons is mainly down to the pig operations reaching full capacity in 2012 and well as achieving performance growth at the facilities.

Meat processing

Production volume at the meat processing plant ABH Miratorg CJSC SP Korocha (Belgorod region) reached 58,000 tons over the first three months of 2013.

This was a 76 per cent rise in production compared to 2012, when in the first three months of the year production was 33,000 tons.

At the end of the second quarter of 2013 the company is planning to launch a high-technology project of Case ready (pork production in consumer packaging) with a capacity of 72,000 tons and an investment of 5 billion rubles at CJSC SP Korocha.

This project will allow the company to significantly expand the range of consumer value-added products and to offer consumers high-quality product at the best price by increasing the volume of production. Product range expansion in consumer packed goods will make the company less dependent on fluctuation in market prices of carcases sides and industrial packed goods.

Distribution Semi Manufactured Products

Miratorg sales volume over the first three months of 2013 reached to 90,400 tons, which is 39,7 per cent more than over the same period in 2012. Holding continues to gradually increase the sales volume of its own products within the strategy of import substitution.

In 2012, the reconstruction of LLC Miratorg-West production plant located in Kaliningrad region was successfully completed.

Today it is the largest export-oriented enterprise in the country for the production of finished and semi finished products from pork, beef and poultry - something that is unique in Russia in terms of production procedures, sanitary safety standards and applied technologies. The operation has a production capacity of 60,000 tons per year.

Projects in Progress

To date, at the project in the Bryansk region 24 cattle farms have been completed - 21 of them were stocked with Aberdeen Angus from Australia and the USA. The total cattle volume amounts to 75,000 head, with 4,200 being calves born at Miratorg Bryansk farms win spring – autumn 2012.

The next shipment is planned for the end of April this year, when 5,300 head of cattle will be stocked at Zhitnya farm in Pochep region.

Over this year, the company is planning to finish the construction of three farms and to stock six and raise the planned breeding stock volume by the end of the year to 110,000 head.

In the poultry project, Miratorg is currently building seven broiler farms as well as a modern meat processing plant, hatchery and feed mill with elevator in Vygonichi district in the Bryansk region.

In Trubchevsk district of the Bryansk region 12 poultry sites are now being built. Two rearing sites are stocked with poultry. The total poultry volume at the moment amounts to 150,000.

The next shipment is planned for the end of May and up the end of 2013 there are six similar shipments planned. This will bring the planned breeder poultry volume to 600,000 by the end of the year.

In 2013, 10 out of 12 planned sites for growing and managing breeders should be commissioned, together with the establishment of the first three poultry farms for growing broilers.

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