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‘Cowbytes’ Offers Ration and Costing Advice

04 February 2013

CANADA – Cattlemen are beginning to hear about a ration balancing computer programme now available called ‘Cowbytes’.

Designed with beef operations in mind the programme calculates forage requirements of stock, whether cow/calf, backgrounder, yearling or feedlot.

When feed test results are obtained the programme works by having the feed test data entered into the ration formulator.

“The programme is set up for factors like animal age and condition, environment and weather, headage and time period,” says Barry Yaremico, Beef Forage Specialist, at the Aginfo centre.

“The programme has had five revisions since 1989 to keep it simple, so it is very user friendly,” reassures Mr Yaremico.

The programme issues the farmer with a breakdown of feeding requirements. This entails how much hay, grain, minerals etc. are required. An entire winter feeding programme can be planned by using ‘Cowbytes’.

The programme calculates yardage and costings. This means the economic impact of the feeding programme can be gauged, adds Mr Yaremico. Breakeven costs can be factored in to calculate profit including purchased costs and the input costs of home grown feeds.

More information about ‘Cowbytes’ can be found at the AgChoices 2013 Conference to be held Tuesday, February 12 in Camrose.

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