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Merial Reveals Incredible Life of the Liver Fluke

29 August 2012

UK - Merial Animal Health is showing a unique video of the life cycle of the Liver Fluke on its stand at this year’s Livestock Event. The video includes amazingly detailed footage of the key aspects of the life of the liver fluke from the laying of eggs in the bile ducts of cattle livers, through its development in faeces, seeking out a mud snail, and then its growth inside the animal.

Merial Animal Health’s Veterinary Adviser Fiona MacGillivray says: “At previous events the ‘flukey livers’ we have displayed have always been a talking point because many farmers have never had a close-up view of fluke. Merial has invested in producing some stunning video and still images, and I know many vets and farmers will be fascinated by events such as egg-laying, the miracidia searching for a mud snail host, cercaria moving onto the meadow grass, and the juvenile fluke as it moves towards the bile ducts.

“I am sure that seeing this video will bring home the threat that liver fluke poses for many farmers. Unfortunately it is a growing problem with more than one in five of all cattle that go for slaughter in Britain suffering from infection. These tiny creatures could be costing farmers up to £14m every year.”

Liver fluke laying its eggs

Mature adult liver fluke

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