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Live Exports Hit Processing Industry

08 September 2011

UGANDA - The meat processing industry in Uganda is being hit by a fall in livestock numbers and in particular cattle.

The decline in numbers has produced a shortage of beef on the local markets, according to a report on New Vision.

The report says that while three quarters of the cattle come from western Uganda, most are bought by dealers from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

And Paul Mutsinzi, a management committee member at Kampala City Abattoir has called on the Ugandan government to ban live cattle exports to turn around decline in numbers through their own slaughterhouses.

The report says that Uganda is the only country in East Africa to allow live exports and the shortage of animals on the domestic market has seen prices soar.

Processors are well below capacity and some businesses are being forced to close, according to New Vision.

Beef exports have fallen by 50 per cent in the last five months.

The Uganda Export Promotions Board has called for a review of export policy to restrict some trade.

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