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Costings Tool Developed For Direct Sell Producers

26 August 2011

UK - A beef and lamb costings tool which calculates margins and overall yield for producers selling directly to the public has been developed by EBLEX.

The free online calculator allows a producer to enter the total carcase delivery weight, weights for each of the different cuts and the prices being charged to customers. The table then calculates the total retail value from each cut, value of saleable meat, meat yield and, ultimately, gross margin.

It not only allows sellers to see the difference to the bottom line small changes in retail prices make to check they are pricing correctly, but also compare total yield to data from recent EBLEX research on typical meat yields.

Mike Whittemore, retail project manager for EBLEX, said: “It’s vital for independent business to check their pricing structures in the current market to ensure they are returning a profit wherever possible. Businesses need to understand the difference between margin and mark-up as it could be the difference between profit and loss.”

To access the Beef and Lamb Costing Calculators, visit to and click on the Beef and Lamb Costing Calculator button on the right hand side of the homepage

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