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Argentinean Cattle Herd Declines

31 March 2009

ARGENTINA - The national Argentine cattle herd has dropped from 55 million to 52 million in the last year, as many breeding cows have been slaughtered along with large numbers of dairy cows.

There were over 1.5 million cattle lost to the drought, which - according to FarmingUK - was in part caused by the incompetence of the Argentine Gentlemen absentee farmers, who did not take the cattle to slaughter.

FarmingUK says that 90 per cent of these farmers have herds of around 500 beef cows, mainly Angus or Hereford, except in the north of the country where the Brahman and Nelore are favored in the tropical climates.

However farmers are only getting the same price for cattle, as they were four years ago which is genuine reason for complaint.

"The biggest problem in meat production in the Argentine, is the slaughter of cattle with a live weight of 300-350 kilos, vealers or big suck calves, which are slaughtered for the domestic market, which last year utilized 84 per cent of cattle produced," says FarmingUK.

While indeed this makes the most magnificent beef to eat, the cattle if kept to double the weight would more than double the beef production.

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