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Brazil Expects Beef Exports to Double in a Decade

13 March 2009
Meat & Livestock Australia

BRAZIL - The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture is forecasting a 93 per cent increase in beef exports during the next 10 years (to 2018-19), totalling 4.63 million tonnes cwt (accounting for 61 per cent of total world beef trade from the current 31 per cent), with a 49 per cent increase in production to 15.5 million tonnes cwt, according to Meat and Livestock Australia analysts.

In the domestic market, beef is projected to be the second fastest growing meat consumed with a 2.2 per cent annual growth in total consumption after chicken’s 2.6 per cent, reports Meat and Livestock Australia. Beef is projected to have the slowest export growth with an annual average growth of 3 per cent after chicken’s 5.6 per cent and pork’s 4.9 per cent growth.

Cropping area for the 10 major products is forecast to increase by 19 per cent to 60.7 million ha, with rice, soy beans and wheat being the fastest growing crops. Soy beans are expected to account for 44 per cent of the planted area, followed by corn with 27 per cent.

As a result of the large increase in land used for more profitable crops, cattle raising is expected to continue its displacement to less productive areas, especially in the north and west of the country – raising doubts about the forecast beef production growth.

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