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Brazilian Trajectory: Decade Long Beef Boom

09 December 2008

BRAZIL - Brazil Ministry of Agriculture officials expect the domestic beef trade to continue to grow at around five per cent a year, for at least the next 10 years.

This means that by 2018, there will be 14 million tonnes of beef produced in Brazil compared to the current level of 9.5 million tonnes, wrote Muriel Elizabeth Hayes for the Argentine BeefPackers, S.A.

Unlike Argentina, which boasts a staggering per-capita consumption rate of 74 kilos of meat annually, the majority of it beef, Brazil consumes large amounts of pork and poultry. That leaves far more beef available for Brazilian export.

Officials expect that Brazilian domestic consumption of meat will rise an average of 3.53 per cent annually but the product will be mainly chicken and pork. The reason is that the population of Brazil is more than 50 per cent African origin, among whom poultry tends to be the favored meat choice.

Still, government officials see the beef industry continuing to swell. Plus, they say the introduction of the new micro-ID implants in cattle next year will resolve all problems of traceability, as all calves will be implanted.

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