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Confidence Drains as NLIS 'Isolates' Australians

09 September 2008

AUSTRALIA - ABA Chairman Brad Bellinger has said that the decision by English and Irish Governments to protest against moves by the European Union (EU) to mandate electronic ear tagging for livestock, shows a vote of no confidence in the Scheme.

Mr Bellinger went on to say that these two governments recognise the huge impost costs on the production section that NLIS imposes. Clearly this huge cost is one which Australian Governments both Federal and State, either do not understand, or do not care about and conveniently forget that the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) has not sold one more kilogram of beef.

Mr Bellinger continued, Australia's trade negotiators at the Doha Round of the WTO have been relentlessly and naively critical of the level of subsidies that the USA and European farmers receive.'

Now these countries must look on in amazement at why Australian Governments are prepared to burden their farmers with even higher regulatory production costs such as NLIS, further eroding their profitability.

'Rather than NLIS giving us a marketing advantage in the world beef trade it is actually reducing our biosecurity and weakening our competitive edge, as our competitors abandon this ridiculous scheme', Mr Bellinger stated.

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