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Congress to See Beef Range Launched

03 September 2008

NAMIBIA - The Namibian meat company MEATCO is launch a new product brand name, Nature's Reserve to coincide with the start of the World Meat Congress in Cape Town.

Nature's Reserve, an extension of Meatco's free-range beef, will be launched on 9 September.

"Following the growing global demand for healthier food that is produced naturally and without the use of hormones, the freedom of cattle to express natural behaviour is at the heart of the new brand," Meatco says in its latest newsletter.

"Consumers who demand healthier food are willing to fork out more money for these products that include free-range beef coming from cattle roaming freely on farms and grazing on natural pastures."

Meatco's existing beef brand under the Farm Assurance Namibia (FANmeat) scheme was developed a few years ago for this international niche market, which is, according to All Africa is rapidly expanding.

"All Nature's Reserve cattle will be fully traceable to the farm of origin by batch and each animal has a unique identification ear tag," Meatco says.

"All cattle must be registered with the Farm Assurance Namibia (FANmeat) scheme and must conform fully to the husbandry, welfare and overall requirements of the standard."

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