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Small Fall in UK Beef Imports

16 June 2008

UK - Total UK beef imports fell marginally in the first quarter of 2008 compared to last year to just over 58,000 tonnes. According to a Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) bulletin, the total value of imports grew by 13 per cent to £165 million for the first three months. Higher priced imports offset the small contraction in the volume of imports.

Imports from EU countries dropped by two per cent, but they still accounted for 78 per cent of the total trade. Imports from ROI dropped by three per cent and there was a marginal contraction in the volume of beef coming in from the Netherlands. Imports from Germany grew by eight per cent to take five per cent of the import market. Beef imports from Brazil decreased by 21 per cent during the first quarter of this year. Imports in March were 75 per cent lower than in February as the ban on Brazilian beef begins to have a greater impact. There was a large rise in imports from Uruguay and imports from Argentina grew by just over a third.

Bulletin to over £40 million. UK Beef Imports (tonnes)
Jan-Mar 2006
Jan-Mar 2007
Jan-Mar 2008
% change 2008-2007
Jan/Mar Import Share
Fresh & Frozen 55,126 58,807 58,131 -1 -
from EU-27 43,667 46,138 45,441 -2 78%
from non EU-27 11,460 12,669 12,690 - 22%
Main Sources
ROI 35,233 36,940 35,656 -3 61%
Brazil 5,634 6,899 5,425 -21 9%
Increasing 07 to 08
Uruguay 2,212 1,881 4,836 +157 8%
Germany 3,185 2,567 2,774 +8 5%
Argentina 1,583 888 1,212 +36 2%
Decreasing 07 to 08
The Netherlands 2,535 3,482 3,749 -2 6%
Australia 1,146 845 481 -43 1%

UK Beef Exports Increase 18 Percent

Total UK beef exports increased by 18 per cent to 19,000 tonnes during the first quarter of 2008. The Netherlands was the primary market for UK beef exports. The increased availabilty of cow beef and the favourable euro/sterling exchange rate led to exports to the Netherlands growing by almost 30 per cent to 7,200 tonnes. Exports to ROI increased by two thirds to almost 6,800 tonnes, but exports to France, Italy and Spain all contracted. The value of exports grew 26 per cent to over £40 million.

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