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Brucellosis Hits Cattle in One More Bulgarian Town

12 September 2007

BULGARIA - A total of 36 animals have been declared infected with brucellosis in Bulgaria's town of Harmanli late on Tuesday.

About 2,000 other samples collected from animals are to be examined on Wednesday, local veterinarian services reported.

There is still no final conclusion on how the bacteria were introduced to the town.

Some veterinarians say it might have been brought to Harmanli as a result of illegal trade with infected animals, imported from Greece, where such cases are common.

Another hypothesis is that bacteria was brought to the place due to buying cattle from farmers from the village of Vulche pole, which was imposed quarantine after it was also hit by the deadly bacteria. There has even been registered a case of infected elderly woman.

That was the first time in sixty years that an outbreak of the dangerous disease is detected in Bulgaria.

Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria of the genus Brucella. These bacteria are primarily passed among animals and causes them to miscarry.

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Source: Novinite

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