Length As Important As Muscling In Beef Stakes

UK - Heavily muscled animals may have been in favour in the Spring Calf Spectacular show ring, but length, eating quality and minimal waste were of equal if not greater importance to the future of the beef supply chain, delegates attending the pre-event farm tours and conference were told.
calendar icon 12 June 2007
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Aberdeen Angus breeder Henry Rowntree told visitors to his farm at Gisburn that length was far more important in his breeding policy. Back end and growth rates were also paramount in achieving economic production.

We pay huge attention to estimated breeding values and seek out bulls able to confer both growth and length to their progeny. Length is of paramount importance as longer beasts always weigh more and have longer loins, the most valuable cut on any beast.

Loins are steaks and this is where the money is. The rump is largely for roasting joints and demand for these is lower than for steaks, so we have to breed for the trait which provides most income for our commercial bull customers.

Mr Rowntree told visitors EBVs also played a crucial role as they could measure the traits unseen to the human eye.

Eye muscle area, another key determinant in carcass retail value, is an essential EBV. This indicates which bulls will leave progeny which have maximum loin area and hence, again, increased steak value.

Source: First4Farming
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