Hop Extract May be Suitable Alternative to Rumensin

An acid from hops could be used instead of rumensin in ionophore-free beef programmes, say Kansas researchers.
calendar icon 13 April 2015
clock icon 1 minute read
K-State University

Feedlot performance is maintained when using a beta-acid extract of hops instead of Rumensin, according to a Kansas State University study appearing in last month's Beef Tips newsletter.  


Assess the effects of β-acid extracts of hops on feedlot performance in finishing cattle fed high-concentrate diets and determine a response to varied doses of β-acid extracts of hops.

Study Description

Eighty heifers (855 lb) were sorted by body weight, randomly allotted to individual pens, and fed a finishing diet that included no feed additive, Rumensin (Elanco Animal Health, Greenfield, IN), or 10, 25, or 50 ppm of hops β-acid extract.

Cattle were weighed on day 23 and subsequently in 21-day intervals. Cattle were harvested on day 147 of the finishing trial. Ruminal fluid was collected via rumenocentesis on days 44 and 86 to analyze ruminal volatile fatty acid and ammonia concentrations.




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