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Forage Focus: Reducing the Risk of Nitrogen Loss When Stockpiling Fescue

07 November 2013

Stockpiling is the art of offering late grazing to cattle and, according to Chris Penrose of Ohio University, fescue grass is the best to use.

An important point to remember however, is Nitrogen leaching, which can be inhibited by the use of a product like Agrotain. 

"Several universities have done research on urease inhibitors and the University of Kentucky has an excellent factsheet on Nitrogen Inhibitors," said Mr Penrose, Extension Educator in Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

"In Southeast Ohio, a study is underway to evaluate quality and quantity of stockpiling fescue with no nitrogen (control), 100# of urea (46# N), and 100# of urea with Agrotain; at a rate of 5 quart of the product applied per ton of urea.

"There are lower rates that can be used but we chose the high rate which would provide up to 14 days protection. Stockpiling began on August 5 and there was not a soaking rain for seventeen days (there were three days of .05-.15" rain) then there was 1.5" of rain on August 22.

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