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May Beef Management Tips

07 May 2009

Beef Management Tips

Beef management tips for May, by Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, Virginia Tech.

Spring Calving Herds

  • Finish calving
  • Give pre-breeding vaccinations to cows - IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV and Lepto
  • Begin estrous synchronization programs for AI
  • Breed heifers 2 to 4 weeks before cows
  • Solicit veterinarian to give breeding soundness exams to all bulls
  • Supplement 1st calf heifers with energy through breeding
  • Implant calves at turnout if not implanted at birth
  • Keep high quality, high magnesium, high selenium minerals available
  • Make 1st cutting of hay
  • Implement grazing management strategies

Fall Calving Herds

  • Creep graze calves while on cows
  • Evaluate marketing options for calves- sale season, weaning/backgrounding strategy, retained ownership
  • Vaccinate calves for according to weaning and marketing schedule
  • Wean calves based on marketing plan for calves (most value-added sales require 30+ days weaning prior to marketing)
  • Implant calves at turnout
  • Deworm calves if needed
  • Make 1st cutting of hay
  • Continue feeding high magnesium minerals to prevent grass tetany

May 2009


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