Treating Your Dairy Herd With Eprinex Pour-On - How to Calculate The Benefits

This spreadsheet, produced by Merial, allows the user to see what sort of financial benefits they can expect from treating their dairy herd with EPRINEX Pour-on.
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The best time to treat your cattle is just after calving. Depending on the management of the herd you can treat individual cows, groups or the whole herd at one time. And of course EPRINEX has a zero milk with-holding period, so there is no need to discard milk after treatment.

Benefits to FERTILITY

The calculation only takes into consideration the benefits you might expect from reducing the calving to conception interval in first calf heifers although improvements in fertility have also been observed in cows.

Benefits to MILK YIELD

From the results of published studies, an improvement in milk output from the whole herd would be expected. In this spreadsheet we have used a conservative figure of 0.6l/day throughout the lactation. However some studies have shown an increase of 2.2l/day.

What you have to do? Fill in the empty white boxes and the spreadsheet will do the rest:
  1. The herd numbers and their average weights.
  2. The cost of the EPRINEX Pour-on.

The calculation is based on the price that you might pay for a 2.5l pack of product. Your local retailer will be able to give you a quote. If you need to buy extra quota to cope with extra milk production, then this should be included.


We have had to make some assumptions. It is widely accepted that it costs about £3 for every day that a cow is not pregnant and this is the figure that we have used. We have not included the cost of extra semen.

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September 2007

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