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New Zealand Hopes to Open Indonesian Beef Markets

21 July 2016

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Jakarta this week, with beef exports on the agenda.

“We made good progress with regard to trade access for New Zealand beef products and believe this will be resolved in the coming months,” Mr Key said.

However, the discussions over live exports of breeding cattle have been criticised by animal welfare group SAFE, which said animals could be vulnerable to cruelty.

“Our government keeps pretending that sending animals overseas for breeding is somehow different than sending them for slaughter, which is illegal,” says SAFE executive director Hans Kriek.

“But the reality is that these ‘breeding’ animals will be slaughtered after a few years in a manner deemed cruel and illegal in New Zealand.

"Indonesian slaughter practices do not require the animals to be stunned before they are killed. This means that our cattle will have their throats cut while fully conscious and their suffering will be appalling.”

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