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Supermarkets Sign Deal to Stop Amazon Destruction

02 April 2013

BRAZIL – Supermarkets have taken a joint stance against meat raised in the Amazon rain forest, stating that meat from cattle farmed in these areas will be boycotted.

Deforestation and the invasion of public lands to allow pasture and soybean to be established is classed as an ‘illegal’ use of the rainforest, reports MercoPress.

ABRAS, The Brazilian Association of Supermarkets has represented its 2,800 members in signing a deal that promises to reject Amazon forest beef.

Fellow signatory, Daniel Cesar Azerdo Avelino, Federal Public Prosecutor in Brasilia said that customers are set to benefit from the changes which are expected to eventually reach smaller retailers.

“The agreement foresees a series of specific actions to inform the consumer about the origin of the meat both through the internet and at the supermarkets,” he said.

Although no deadline exists, Mr Avelino hopes that change is adopted soon.

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