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Hypocrisy Causes Outrage Amongst Welsh Farmers

28 November 2012
National Farmers Union

WALES - The Welsh farming community are incensed by revelations that Brian May, who this summer opposed the Badger cull in England and Wales, is allowing deer to be culled on his country estate.

According to NFU Wales sources, Brian May's 139 acre estate in Dorset has a woodland management scheme that has so far accounted for the culling of 23 deer. The farmers union of wales has statd that this behaviour is hard to tollerate after Mr May's staunch opposition to the badger cull.

FUW (Farmers Union of Wales) TB spokesman and vice president Brian Walters said: "The fact that Brian May accepts the need to cull deer to protect trees but does not support culling badgers to protect cattle has caused extreme anger amongst Welsh farmers.

"Mr May was a kingpin in the campaign to stop a badger cull in West Wales and all the scientific evidence suggests that the success of his campaign means more Welsh cattle will now die than would otherwise have been the case.

Mr Walters was also harshly critical of the implication by May and the RSPCA that shooting deer is humane while shooting badgers is not.

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