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More Animals To Be Removed As TB Reactors

09 December 2009

NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - A revised approach to bovine tuberculosis (TB) testing has been announced by Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Michelle Gildernew MP.

From 1 January 2010 the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) will remove as reactors those animals which give an inconclusive result to a second consecutive bovine TB test.

It is estimated that the revised arrangements will result in approximately 400 additional reactors in 2010. This approach will also result in a consequential rise in the recorded incidence of bovine TB.

The Minister said: “These revised arrangements will apply to animals that test inconclusive for the first time from 1 January 2010. From this date onwards those animals will be removed as reactors and slaughtered, should they give an inconclusive result to a second consecutive TB test. Animals that test inconclusive, for a first or second time, before 1 January 2010 will not be affected by this change and may be allowed a third consecutive test.”

The Minister continued: “The revised approach to second time inconclusive animals is being made to ensure that we comply with EC Directive requirements; and meet the conditions of the 2010 TB Eradication Plan recently approved by the Commission. This will allow DARD to secure part of the total €10million co-funding which has been made available to the north of Ireland, England and Wales by the EU Veterinary Fund to help the fight against bTB.”

The Minister also said: “While these revised arrangements will result in a consequential rise in the recorded incidence of bTB, we need to adopt a robust approach if we are to seriously tackle this disease and we anticipate that this action will contribute to the ultimate eradication of TB in the future.”

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