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Mass Cattle Deaths Cause Panic in Kashipur

28 July 2009

KASHIPUR, INDIA - Thousands of cattle and poultry including cows, calves, buffaloes, goats and hens in many villages under Kashipur block have died in the last couple of days, triggering panic amongst the people, especially the farming community.

It is reported that more than 100 cows at Lakrasi village, 150 at Podipai, 60 at Jhirigumma, 150 at Kutinga, and 80 in the Upporopadikhal villages under Mandibisi, Godibali, Sunger and Kodipari panchayat of Kashipur block have died in the recent past.

According to TheStatesman, a team of experts, including veterinary doctors from the animal disease research institute at Phulnakhara, will be arriving here soon to identify the disease, official sources said.

The news organisation reports that officials said a team of 15 members both from Rayagada and Tikiri, led by CDVO Mr SK Takri, is presently carrying out mass vaccinations in the Kashipur block.

The veterinary team has advised the burying of the carcasses, which had previously been strewn in the open fields, spreading odour and polluting the atmosphere.

The cause of the cattle deaths is thought to be heavy rain, cold and old age, the team members pointed out.

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