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TN Curbs On Cattle Transporting: Beef Traders Close Shops

19 June 2007

INDIA - The beef traders of the town have closed down their shops indefinitely on Monday demanding the State Government to interfere to solve the problems in transporting cattle from Tamil Nadu.

Most of the beef traders here purchase cattle from Salem and Pollachi in Tamil Nadu and bring them to various slaughter houses in Kerala.

But the recently imposed restrictions by Tamil Nadu Government on the number of cattle which can be transported in lorries has affected the trade, say traders.

According to the new instructions, only six cattle could be brought in through the check posts in a single lorry. This has increased the cost of transporting cattle from Tamil Nadu heavily.

Before the new rule came, as many as 22 cattle were transported in one lorry costing Rs 500-600 per cattle as transportation charge. B ut now the traders are forced to give bribe of Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 for transporting more number of cattle, the traders alleged.

Incidents of police and people in Tamil Nadu forcibly releasing the cattle from the lorries also occurred many times, they said.

Even after taking bribes, Tamil Nadu Police had threatened the transporters that a fine of Rs one lakh and imprisonment up to six months would be imposed if they transported more than six cattle in a lorry.

According to the traders, at least 2.5 lakhs of cattle are being transported through the check posts and about equal number of cattle are brought through unauthorised routes to Kerala from Tamil Nadu every week. It has come down to 20 percent after the new rule has been imposed.

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