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UK Slaughter Statistics

23 August 2016

UK Slaughter Statistics - July 2016UK Slaughter Statistics - July 2016

UK Slaughter Statistics

Key points

From February 2016 onwards data collection moved from a statistical month to a calendar month basis. Year on year comparisons are therefore calculated using the daily average for throughput and production to account for the varied number of days in each period. The key results for July 2016 compared to July 2015 are:

  • Cattle: UK prime cattle (steers, heifers and young bulls) slaughterings in July 2016 were 3.8% higher than July 2015 at 167,000 head. Beef and veal production was 76,000 tonnes, 2.9% higher than in July 2015.
  • Sheep: UK clean sheep slaughterings were 1.3% lower than in July 2015 at 1.1 million head. Mutton and lamb production was 25,000 tonnes, 3.9% lower than in July 2015.
  • Pigs: UK clean pig slaughterings were 0.3% higher than in July 2015 at 891,000 head. Pigmeat production was 75,000 tonnes, 0.8% higher than in July 2015.

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