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UK Slaughter Statistics

24 September 2015

UK Slaughter Statistics - August 2015UK Slaughter Statistics - August 2015

UK Slaughter Statistics

Key points

This release shows the latest monthly information on the slaughtering of cattle, sheep and pigs. It also includes dressed carcase weight and meat production information. The key results for August 2015 are given below:

  • Cattle: UK prime cattle (steers, heifers and young bulls) slaughterings in August 2015 were 1.1% lower than August 2014 at 140 thousand head. Beef and veal production was 65 thousand tonnes, 1.6% higher than in August 2014.
  • Sheep: UK clean sheep slaughterings were 5.4% higher than in August 2014 at 1.1 million head. Mutton and lamb production was 26 thousand tonnes, 4.6% higher than in August 2014.
  • Pigs: UK clean pig slaughterings were 5.8% higher than in August 2014 at 0.82 million head. Pigmeat production was 68 thousand tonnes, 5.9% higher than in August 2014.

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