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UK Farming Statistics

16 July 2015

UK May Agricultural Price IndexUK May Agricultural Price Index

UK Farming Statistics

The Agricultural Price Index (API) measures price changes in agricultural outputs and inputs for the UK. The output series reflects the price farmers receive for their products, also referred to as farm gate price. Information is collected for all major crops (for example wheat and potatoes) and on livestock and livestock products (for example sheep, milk and eggs).

The input series reflects the price farmers pay for goods and services. This is split into two groups: goods and services currently consumed; and goods and services contributing to investment. Goods and services currently consumed refer to items that are used up in the production process, for example fertiliser, or seed. Goods and services contributing to investment relate to items that are required but not consumed in the production process, such as tractors or buildings.

Key points

In May 2015, the monthly price index for all outputs was 13% lower than May 2014 and the price index for all inputs was 5.3% lower.

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